Repair Checklist Even More Important For Truck Drivers

Regular and private drivers of regular-sized sedans and so-called hatch-back vehicles, even though built to allow drivers to be more economical in the amount of fuel they are using, should also have a repair and maintenance checklist to hand. But alas, an alarming lack of the required sense of urgency still tends to prevail among a majority of drivers. No such tendencies can be afforded when approaching a truck repair lynnwood workshop’s checklist, particularly for the first time. 

Truck drivers, whether driving their own one-man businesses, or working for a trucking company, will be heavily reliant on their big and heavy trucks. These are the most important tools of their trade. And they need to be working in prime condition at all times. Just one roadside breakdown is going to set them back thousands of dollars, perhaps even more, in a single working day. Just one maintenance check, among all the others that may have to take place during the course of a business calendar year, could reverse the possibility of such calamitous losses.

And it is no use the trucking company complacently relying on their specialist insurance vehicles to carry them through. Insurance costs are sky high in any event. The truck insurance premium is measured directly and indirectly against all likely risks, losses and damages. And the amount of time it takes to have repairs seen to when necessary, when handled by the insurance company’s own people – this could include the assessor as well as the auto workshop – could be unacceptably long.

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Whilst it would never be sensible to self-destruct by tearing up the insurance contract, the trucking companies could do well for themselves by self-insuring up to a point by utilizing truck maintenance and repair contracts at its regular intervals.